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The humidifying features a tank with built-in electrodes for producing steam.
The efficiency of these elements dwindles over time depending on water hardness and frequency of use.

In order to extend the life span of the electrodes it is advisable to clean the tank with a certain frequency
(at least once a month).

First thing the cylinder must be emptied. On the side of the electric panel there is an LCD display (that controls the humidifier functions), press together the two buttons with the up and down arrows for 5 seconds until the symbol “dr” will appear on the display; this indicates that the tank is being emptied. Once the tank is completely empty, disconnect electric feeding. 

Remove the cylinder protection covers

Disconnect the blue steam distribution pipe by unscrewing the steel clamp; disconnect the black connectors that are on the top of the cylinder (the connectors are fixed by pressure, it will be sufficient to pull them and they will disconnect easily); finally disconnect the two red connectors (they, too, are fixed by pressure)

Once disconnected the cables, remove
the cylinder from the base of the humidifier (be careful not to lose the seal on the base of the cylinder). At this point flush the cylinder with running water and then submerge the cylinder in water and vinegar for 24h. The percentage of vinegar must be 50%. After 24h shake the cylinder, empty it, then flush it with running water and finally reconnect the cylinder to the humidifier.

For no reason whatsoever open the cylinder.

This would damage it irremediably.

If the humidity set-point is no longer reached even though water supply is correct, the tank must be replaced.